Goldsmiths Open Day


Yesterday I attended an open day at Goldsmiths, to find out more about their BA Fine Art course.

Their BA Fine Art course is a 3 year, full time course in which no projects or design briefs are given – once you arrive at Goldsmiths, you are expected to work as an artist and be independent in creating your own work and setting deadlines for yourself.

Goldsmiths is a campus university in London, and everyone is given their own studio space. Different years are mixed together, which I think is a good idea as it means that people can help each other or gain more experience about different ways of working and be inspired by different people, etc.


Some notes that I took about the course are:

  • Approximately 100 students are accepted onto the course
  • Tutor groups of all years
  • Each term there are conveners, where you must present your work to approximately 30 students and 2 members of staff for half an hour
  • 2 essays in year 1
  • 2 essays in year 2
  • Dissertation in year 3
  • Critical studies 1 day/week
  • Studio practise 4 days/week
  • Studio in 3rd year = 60% of marks
  • Tutorials 40minutes, 5 per term + group tutorials

Joint Honours:

  • Approximately 40 students are accepted
  • Spend 50% of time in art department and 50% in the visual cultures department
  • 6,000 word essays
  • Research placement in second year, like internship, etc.
  • Wednesday, artist talk – practitioners talk about their work
  • Can do tutorials with visiting artists

It is good that there is studio access 7 days a week. The library also had a fair range of books. Admittedly they didn’t seem to have as many new books as Oxford Brookes’.



  • Mid January UCAS
  • February, 12 images online portfolio
  • Mid-March, interview
  • Written essay

I had been to a Goldsmiths open Day before and was really impressed, but this time I didn’t find it anywhere near as impressive as I did last time – it seemed less organised there were students handing out leaflets about why not to go to Goldsmiths. Also, they couldn’t how us the facilities as the technicians weren’t in, which seems strange for an open day. They said I should come back on a Wednesday to see the facilities.

I looked around basic student accommodation, which seemed decent.


The course looks good and location is ideal, being very close to lots of galleries. I will put it down as a choice on my UCAS application, although perhaps I won’t rate it as highly as I initially thought I would. I also like lots of the work that people at Goldsmiths produce, which is an important factor to take into account when considering applying for a course.


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