Vis-Com, Street Life Evaluation

I am pleased with the work that I have produced for this vis-com project, especially as I took all of the photographs in one day after deciding last minute to change the subject matter of my photographs from cats to hands.

Perhaps I could have used the photographers which I looked at as more f an influence in my own work, such as by experimenting with light and black and white like Trent Parke or making colour a focus like William Eggleston. However, I am pleased with my outcome and feel as though it is important to experiment myself with what comes naturally to me and what area interests me most, as different areas of Oxford could have provided different photography opportunities.

I didn’t do much development of my ideas, other than through experimenting with ways of presenting my hand photograph series. This is because I had a clear idea of what my pictures should be of – focusing on the hands and not necessarily including the face of the person, in order to show something about them only through what they are holding or wearing, allowing the viewer to imagine what they may look like.

Photographers such as Jesse Marlow and Jeff Mermelstein influenced my work through their ideas of capturing unusual sights seen in everyday places. I liked the idea of using hands as they are something which are seen frequently on a day-to-day basis but not much attention is usually brought towards them.

The layout of my photographs was successful, as by presenting them in a booklet the viewer can interact with them and use their own hands to look through the photographs – this is why I chose this design, as it seems only right for the viewer’s hands to be involved in the hand-focused photographs. I also like the vibrant colours used and range of people that I found and complimenting photographs on each spread. I am pleased with the title, ‘Show of Hands’ as it is very relevant to the subject matter and is also a phrase used in a different context.

To improve it, perhaps some more unique people could have been photographed, e.g. I could have stayed photographing for longer to find even more unusual objects being carried. Also, I couldn’t include all of the photographs that I wanted to as the exposure was off for some of them when I was familiarising myself with my camera. Time was a major time restraint, and so was the time of day and weather, as I didn’t want to use my camera in the rain for fear of damaging the lens.

The feedback I received was positive, although someone commented that the ringbound nature of the booklet took away from the effect of the photographs. I disagree that it does, as it provides a smooth way for the booklet to fit together. However, maybe I could have used some clearer binding.



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