Show of Hands video

I have chosen to make a video of my final ‘Show of Hands’ booklet being opened and looked at, to show the interaction between it and the viewer’s hands.

I set up a white background and asked my friend if i could film her opening it, setting an appropriate speed for her to flick between pages. It is important for me that I like the hands in the video as they are an important part of it. I also chose to cut the sound out of it so that all the focus is on the book. However, ideally I would have used a good quality microphone to pick up the sound of the moving pages.

Overall I am pleased as this was done under time constraints. However, I could have used better lighting and a more professional backing

EDIT: On going to an interview at Winchester, I was given suggestions that perhaps this could be more successful if I were instead to use a pile of photographs which the person’s hands fumbles through, trying to show them all. I feel as though this could be more visually interesting and would enhance the interaction between the hands. I may try this in the future.


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