Show of Hands



After considering the best way to present my photo series, I have chosen to create a booklet, with images going all the way to the edge so that the viewer feels more involved in the photographs and there is more focus drawn towards their hands as they move the pages and obstruct some of the photographs in the process.

I have printed this document and put it together using a ringbound wire to connect the pages.

From the feedback session which I attended in a group of classmates, I received really positive feedback, and many people commented on how much they like my booklet and how the title is really appropriate. The only negative bit of feedback which I received was that the wire ringbound edge detracted from the booklet. Although I can see why someone would think this, as the metal edge interrupts from the constant flow of photographs, this kind of binding was appropriate to ensure that the pages opened fully and were rigid, allowing the viewer to open the booklet at ease. However, perhaps I could use a more subtle kind of binding if I were to create the booklet again.


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