Street Photography – a focus on hands

After a day of roaming the streets of Oxford and discovering no cats, I have decided to change the theme of my project from cats as it is difficult to find many cats within such a small area of Oxford.

Instead, I want to focus on something which is common in all people but not usually focused on in great detail. Noticing people carrying different objects whilst hurrying around in their daily routine, I asked people if I could photograph their hands (and got some strange looks in the process).

I am pleased with the outcome of my photographs and plan on considering the most effective way of presenting them – perhaps I should find a way of allowing the view to interact with them using their hands to futher develop the ‘hands’ concept?

Some of the pictures I took are below:

I am really pleased with the bright colours that I have chosen to photograph – although I was originally considering making my photo series black and white, I have now decided that the photographs will probably look more effective in colour, so I think I will keep them in colour.


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