Viz-Com, “Street Life” Photography

For my second project I have chosen visual communication, which involves photographing a certain area of Oxford and choosing 6-12 final images. I am able to document whatever I want, but need to come up with a theme which all of my photographs adhere to. I will then decide on the most appropriate way to present them.

Today, Karl gave me a small area of Oxford, ruled on a map, which I will be focusing on – all of my photos must document Oxford within this area. Below, I have drawn a square around my area of focus.

Oxford map section.png

I wanted to try this project as I bought a DSLR camera a while ago but never learnt to properly use it. I would like to improve my photography skills and I also like the idea of getting to know lesser well known areas of Oxford which I would not usually explore, as Oxford is such a beautiful and historical area.

On the first day of the project I am planning on researching some street photographers such as Mitch Epstein, Robert Capa and Walker Evans in order to gain some inspiration for my photographs. I will then explore my area of Oxford to see if this gives me any ideas. My area of map already looks promising, including part of the River Thames, some green land and also a main road and smaller streets. This means that there are many possibilities for my theme and the types of photographs which I can take.


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