3D Readymade Evaluation

I feel as though I did sufficient research for my casting project, as I looked at how artists have used readymades and used the knowledge of their castings and media as a starting point for my own work, developing it to use objects which were of more interest to me. I also researched a concept behind my environmental artwork and considered using a medium which could reflect the message that I wanted to portray. Perhaps it could have been more interesting to have done more thorough research to consider other ideas as well, however, I don’t feel as though this is necessary.

I developed my ideas by casting my chosen objects in chocolate, wax and ice and considering the message which I could give from these. I also created a sheet to consider different compositions for my final ‘melting stick’ idea, However, I could have developed them differently by also considering how to use my other objects (my key and spanner). Also, perhaps I could have incorporated something interesting within the ice, such as a natural material like mud or grass, which would be left after the ice had melted.

My ideas were developed thoroughly, as I developed them to choose that the most effective way of presenting my ready-made would be to present it in a video-format to show the melting within the grasp of a human hand, thus reinforcing the idea of the destruction caused by us. However, on reflection maybe it would have been more effective to experiment with a different camera angle, as the one I chose didn’t reveal the puddle of the melted stick at the end, which could have visually reinforced the idea of rising sea levels. Nevertheless, I am pleased with my exploration of media and the technique of filming as it was effective in portraying my message in a visual way.

I was influenced by the work of Bruno Romanelli as I really liked the contrast of the clear glass against the dark stand, and I feel as though it was this that encouraged me to experiment with the translucent medium of ice.

The most successful parts of my 3D project were the casting using a vinamold with wax and chocolate, and also ice for the key and spanner, as these retained a lot of detail and stayed together. Using ice, however, for the twig, was more difficult as the twig kept snapping. I had to keep altering the mould, making it slightly wider in places to try to prevent it breaking. However, in this process I accidentally cut through the mould so that it no longer retained liquid. I didn’t cast the whole stick. However, I feel as though the amount that I did cast and film was enough.

If I had had a larger space to create a vinamold with, I could have improved this design and made it more complicated. Perhaps it would have been more successful to have worked with a different casting material such as modroc plaster.

If I were to improve this project, I would also try to hold my hand slightly more still in the final video, perhaps show the floor that it is dripping on to and also hold the stick at a different angle so that it melted completely before falling out of my hand. This could make for a more professional-looking video


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