3D – Exploring a concept for vinamold casts

Having experimented with casting objects in different media, I have been looking at potential ways in which I can lay out and display my ready-mades in order to give a certain message or draw attention to something.

I really like the shape of my twig, and, being enthusiastic about nature, have started considering ways in which I could use my the 3D casts to highlight an environmental issue.

In order to find an appropriate concept, I have been reading books and websites which give data about the environment. Andrew Goudie’s book, ‘The Human Impact on the Natural Environment, past, present and future’ has given me ideas about how to use ice casts, as the cast stick and water would work together to provide a message about deforestation which leads to increased runoff from land surfaces.

Research has found that experiments with tropical catchments have shown typical increases in stream flow of 400-450 mm per year (Anderson and Spencer, 1991). Reasons for this include changes in rainfall interception, transpiration and soil structure. Combining data on rates of tropical deforestation with average values for increases in runoff, Gornitz et al. (1997:153) came up with an estimate that this could cause a rate of sea level rise of 0.13mm/year.

I am now considering ways in which I can illustrate this point, and I feel as though it is interesting to focus on this bit of data as it is something which is not often focused on in detail. Although the negative impact of deforestation is frequently mentioned, attention tends to be drawn more towards the damage to the ecosystem, ruined landscapes or lack of respiration of trees leading to reduced air quality, or even the harmful effects of burning our trees.

I plan on experimenting with the positioning of my cast objects, considering if there is anything else which I could add to them to emphasise my point or if there is an interesting way of displaying them.


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