Land Art: Charlestown Harbour

Our Foundation course has started with a trip to Charlestown Harbour, on which we have been sketching and taking part in small activities.

I have really enjoyed creating land art, manipulating the natural surroundings to create patterns and shapes. I worked in a small group to create the piece below:

We chose to create it beside some metal spikes sticking from the ground so that it blended in better with the scenery. The varied textures and colours of the stringy greenery or solid, pale or dark rocks provided interesting contrasts.

I feel as though the work was successful. However, perhaps it could have been improved by adding more rocks that were exactly the same tones for even clearer shapes, making nature seem almost unnatural. I also experimented with piling up rocks. However, this was unsuccessful as I couldn’t get them to balance. If I had had more time, I would have experimented more with this.

I really enjoyed this activity and would like to try working with nature again in the future, doing more work in the natural environment and using only natural components in my pieces.



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